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AGROMACH 1 Row Disc Ridger

Samyak 1 Single Row Disc Ridger

Samyak Agro Industries also has range for agriculture purpose we have developed Disc Ridger.SAmyak Disc Ridger is a tractor mounted basic implement to make ridges in the agriculture land. Available in two type (single row and double row) for various HP range of tractor.

AGROMACH 1 Row Disc Ridger Specifications

Number of Disc 2
Main frame ******
Size of Disc *******24" x 4 mm Thick
Row Adjustment ********
Bearing ******** 32213 /32209
Spindle ******** Forged
Housing ******** S.G. Iron
Maximum Width Between Ridgers ********
Working Depth (inch) ********
Overall Length ******
Overall Width ******
Overall Height ******
Total Approx Weight (kg) ******
Suitable HP Range *************
* The Weight and working data contained in the present Leaflet are supplied for information only and are not binding. Specification and size can be altered as part of ongoing product modification improvement.

Other Features Of Agromach 1 Row Disc Ridger

- Strong and robust tool designed for breaking up hard land and mixing crop residue.
- It saves time and offers precision in work as it is simple to operate & quick to adjust.
- Makes the rows for vegetable crops.
- Strong and robust tool designed for breaking up hard land.
- Row adjustments facility allows to make ridge at different distances.