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एग्रोमैक 2 Bottom Mouldboard Plough

SAMYAK 2 Bottom Mouldboard Plough

सम्यक एग्रो इंडस्ट्रीज़ also has range for agriculture purpose we have developed Mouldboard Plough. Mould Board Plough is the most important plough for primary tillage in canal irrigated or heavy rain areas where too much weeds grow. The objective for ploughing with a Mould Board is to completely invert and pulverize the soil, up-root all weeds, trash and crop residues and bury them under the soil. The shape of mould Board is designed to cut down the soil and invert it to right side, completely burying the undesired growth which is subsequently turned into manure after decomposition.

Benefits of 2 Bottom Mouldboard Plough :

- It can handle the toughest ploughing job with outstanding penetration performance.
- It is designed to work in all types of soil for basic functins such as soil breaking. soilraising and soil turning.
- It can be used in stony & rooted soils.

AGROMACH 2 Bottom Mouldboard Plough Specifications

मॉडल का नाम एग्रोमैक-MBP2
तल की संख्या 2
पूर्ण कट की चौड़ाई 12 इंच
मध्यम मिट्टी में कट की गहराई 12 इंच
संपूर्ण लंबाई 50* इंच
संपूर्ण चौड़ाई 12 इंच
संपूर्ण ऊंचाई 20 इंच
कुल अनुमानित वजन (किलो) 180**
उपयुक्त एचपी रेंज 35 एचपी
* वर्तमान पत्रक में निहित वजन और कार्य डेटा केवल सूचना के लिए दिए गए हैं और बाध्यकारी नहीं हैं। विनिर्देश और आकार को मौजूदा उत्पाद संशोधन सुधार के हिस्से के रूप में बदला जा सकता है।

Other Features Of Agromach 2 Bottom Mouldboard Plough

-The under-frame and unit-to-unit elearance are adequate to copy with trashy condition.
- Adding an extra furrow or repositioning units to allow for extra clearance is quick and easy.
- The plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs.
- Bar point bottoms ensure longer life as they can be extended or reversed and re-used fill the last possible length.