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Small Motor and Engine Operated चारा कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन - एग्रोमैक-1000E

small kadba kutti machine

सम्यक एग्रो इंडस्ट्रीज़ also has range for agriculture purpose we have developed चारा कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन / Toka. With the support of our excellent team workers, we are providing the best quality range of small इलेक्ट्रिक चारा कटर. Chaff cutters are equipped with pulley and belt. These चारा कटरs are developed by our competent workers using top notch materials according to the well-defined standard of the market. Our chaff cutters are consistently accessible to specifications according to the needs of the customers.
As a manufacturer and supplier, we are highly engaged in offering highly quality form चारा कटर Machine. This cutter machine is developed by our trained workers using advanced techniques that are in line with the best grade material and norms. Our cutter machine is well known for excellent performance by our customers. We are giving this cutter machine at the right time in the promised time frame.
The small motor and engine operated chaff cutter comes with हेवी ड्यूटी hardness blade for cutting of chaff. Machines are built on M.S. foundation and body. V-Belt pulley fitting for electric motor and diesel engine. Capacity of old machine is 300 Kg/hr but with new model capacity increases up to 1000 kg/hr.
You can chaff Sugarcane, Jawar, Maize, Barseen.

Small Motor and Engine Operated चारा कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन Specifications

मॉडल का नाम एग्रोमैक-1000E
एच.पी. आवश्यक 2 H.P. MOTOR or 4 H.P. Engine
ब्लेड की संख्या 2 ब्लेड
रोलर की संख्या 2 रोलर
उत्पादन का आकार  1/2 इंच से 3/4 इंच
क्षमता 1000 किलो/घंटा तक
चौड़ाई 65* सेमी लगभग।
लंबाई 85* सेमी लगभग।
ऊंचाई 105* सेमी लगभग।
वजन 105* किलोग्राम लगभग
* वर्तमान पत्रक में निहित वजन और कार्य डेटा केवल सूचना के लिए दिए गए हैं और बाध्यकारी नहीं हैं। विनिर्देश और आकार को मौजूदा उत्पाद संशोधन सुधार के हिस्से के रूप में बदला जा सकता है।

Other Features Of Motor and Engine Operated चारा कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन

• Simple operation and Maintenance.
• Better Fodder quality with fast output.
• Excellent and high products capacity upto 1 ton per hour
• Easy to Operate.
• Durable Quality.
• High production in lesser time periods.
• Blades: 2 piece Moving Knife.
• Output Material Size: 12 to 35 mm.
(Figures are dependent on the feeding item's conditions and manpower employed)