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ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन / टोका एग्रोमैक-500एम

blower model motor operated कुट्टी मशीन

The सम्यक एग्रो इम्प्लीमेंट्स's हेवी ड्यूटी Downward Blower type chaff cutter/ कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन is mainly developed for commercial use and for dairy with 100 या more animals. The chassis of this machine is molded and it is fit on Heavy Angle legs and braces, with forged feet. This enables the machine to be bolted to the ground. Wheels can be fit onto the legs to make the machine portable. The bevel pinion gear system is used; Because of this system you can change the motion (Reverse, Forward) instantly. This is a great advantage for the machine operator. It prevents unnecessary accidents and also acts as a safety device. All gears are machine cut steel gears duly hardened. Length of the cut can easily be changed with the gear leaver. The main shafts of the machine are fit with two anti-friction bearings. The gear box and outer box of the machine are fitted with bearings. Two fan blades are fit on the fly wheel which throws the chaffed material away from the machine. With the support of our excellent team workers, we are providing the best quality range of Electric ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन. ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन is equipped with pulley and belt. The ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन are developed by our competent workers using top notch materials according to the well-defined standard of the market. Our key cutters are consistently accessible to specifications according to the needs of the customers.
-आप गन्ने, ज्वार, मक्का, बरसीन को सूखा और हरा दोनों प्रकार से काट सकते हैं।

ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन की निर्दिष्टीकरण

मॉडल का नाम एग्रोमैक500एम
एच.पी. आवश्यक 3 HP Motor
ब्लेड की संख्या 2 ब्लेड
उत्पादन का आकार 1/2 इंच से 3/4 इंच
क्षमता 500 किलो/घंटा तक

Other Features of ब्लोअर मॉडल चैफ कटर / कड़बा कुट्टी मशीन

- Made from M. S. Heavy body
- Two blades fitted on M. S. Wheel
- Three feeding roller with feeding hopper
- V-groove pulley drive
- Steel gear box system